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About 911 Restoration Colorado Springs

Chris Paillette, owner of 911 Restoration Colorado Springs and a master plumber, believes that the lacking quality in the restoration industry is empathy and a more educated work force.

Water Damage Restoration Ceiling RepairThis is why he takes pleasure in knowing that his IICRC certified team is providing top-tier restoration services and a fresh start.

“We understand what you’re going through, and we are here to tell you that it is all right. The rigorous certification programs we go through take all the guessing work out of the job. We will fix your home,” says Chris.

Our expert technicians understand what it takes to maximize coverage payed out by your insurance. “From start to finish, before and after, we document everything.

The fresh start is all about getting you back on your feet, on a ground that is more secure than the one you are used to. That is the promise we make to our customers.

Chris’s Tips to Minimizing Water Accidents

Every winter, homeowners have to concern themselves with the likelihood of their pipes freezing over and bursting, so Chris is here to give you some tips on how to prevent water damage in the winter.

Water Damage Restoration In Joists And Piping“Uninsulated pipes that run in basements and cabinets are the ones most at risk for freezing, and the ones that will cause the most damage to your home,” warns Chris.

This is why homeowners should become familiar with the pipe layout of their homes. Knowing which pipes lead where is a major help to knowing where prevention efforts are best suited to keep disasters away.

Moreover, Chris knows that when water freezes it expands, which can spring leaks or cause blockage.

“Letting the water flow in your home by leaving a faucet open keeps the water from freezing,” Chris advises. “A pipe burst doesn’t always occur after a pipe freeze, so thawing out the pipe is the best bet to preventing damage.”

He recommends, “Homeowners should turn the heater on, or use a heat lamp. Those methods are known as convection heating, which will slowly melt the ice. A flame method—a conduction method — will heat the water too fast, causing it to evaporate, thus resulting in a steam burst.”

Expert Care by a Trustworthy Crew

Accidents happen, and at a certain point, homeowners need to step back and call the professionals at 911 Restoration Colorado Springs.

Water Damage Restoration At Residential Job Site“Transparency is key to me,” Chris says smiling. 911 Restoration carefully assess, and drafts restoration plans, and no work begins until the homeowner is completely aware about the type of work that is going to be done to the home.

His water damage restoration Colorado Springs team takes no shortcuts when it comes to getting work done. Everything his licensed, bonded, and insured team does is safe for the environment, the home, and the homeowner.

All the tools, materials, and time it takes to get the job done, so the insurance agencies payout for the coverage you are entitled to,” exclaims Chris.

911 Restoration Colorado team is a highly skilled team that can handle all the damage restoration jobs you need. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and a brand new tomorrow.

Call our water damage restoration team with 911 Restoration Colorado Springs for your fresh start today!

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